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Interview guest comments

Comments from guest physicists on David’s radio program, “Static Limit.”

  • Natalie Roe:

“I enjoyed speaking with you.  The interview was fun.”

  • George Chapline:

“I was very pleased with the way the interview turned out.  Thanks again for an enjoyable afternoon.”

  • Tristan Needham:

“I have happy memories of my interview.”

  • Roger Penrose:

“I very much enjoyed the interview and particularly our subsequent discussion.”

  • Andreas Albrecht:

“I have very fond memories of meeting you and talking with you, and I like the way the program turned out.  I definitely look forward to the next time.”

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson:

“Thanks for a welcome hour, to an intrepid fan of all things cosmic.”

  • Gino Segrè:

“A really enjoyable interview.”

  • Neil Turok:

“Thank you so much for a very enjoyable interview.  It was really a pleasure speaking to you.”

  • Paul Davies:

“With thanks for your hard work on bringing science to the public!”

  • Janna Levin:

“Thanks for a great conversation.”

  • Jaoa Magueijo:

“Thanks for a great interview.”

  • Brian Greene:

“Thanks for an energizing interview.”

  • Eric Linder:

“It was a pleasure being on Static Limit.  I enjoyed it tremendously.”

  • Stephen Kahn:

“Thanks very much for a fine interview.”

  • Reinhard Genzel:

“Having had a lot of fun on your program.”

  • Bruce Schumm:

“To have had the opportunity to take part in your efforts to broaden the reach of science was tremendous. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you. You have my deepest appreciation.”

  • Eva Silverstein:

“Thanks for the great discussion.”

  • Rachel Bean:

“It was a real pleasure to speak with you.”

  • Gary Horowitz:

“I enjoyed meeting you and (enjoyed) our conversation.”

  • Richard Wolfson:

“A fun, fascinating and far-ranging conversation.”

  • Joshua Bloom:

“Thank you for a wonderful interview and your interest in the topic.”

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