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Combined Degree: Music Performance and Education from The New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Massachusetts


Violin soloist and member of small ensembles and large orchestras; daily, individual, public and private events; co-founder, conductor or leader of innovative organizations; appearances in all broadcast and recording media; orchestrator, arranger, composer, contractor, recording session leader, board member, appraiser and consultant, guest lecturer for seminars and colloquia


Full-time and part-time public school orchestra director and music theory teacher, private violin teacher; demonstration programs, for individual, school, college and adult programs; seminar and colloquia speaker and director; conference organizer


Full-time musical contractor for corporate, government and private clients, daily and on-call; scheduling, subcontracting, maintaining library, designing logistics, administering payroll


Director-level experience with a nationally recognized community music center, project manager or board member for several nonprofits, consultant and advisor for organizations and individuals, deep experience in program deveopment, staff engagement, and specialized training


Numerous copyrights held on original compositions and arrangements, including original compositions for performance and recording, featuring groups of various sizes; thousands of orchestration projects, including authentic recreations, reconstructions, and transcriptions direct from recordings and live performances


Producer and host of weekly radio programs on classical, international folk, and contemporary music, and an internationally celebrated series on ragtime music; noted interview series on astrophysics and particle physics; radio interviewer, board engineer, projects coordinator, librarian, training director, archivist, and facilities manager; guest appearances on domestic and foreign radio, television and film


Producer, engineer, advisor for numerous recordings, including award-winning discs and live concerts; equipment maintenance and repair, studio planning and procurement, staff training and supervision; independent and assistant recording engineer on projects for National Public Radio, ABC Satellite broadcasts, Public Broadcasting System, Public Radio International, Radio Taiwan, British Broadcasting Corporation, individual stations


Author, columnist, contributing editor, technical writer, contributor, advisor, copyeditor, proofreader; acknowledged for contributions to international journals, books, reference works, articles, recording liner notes, summaries, calendars, and directories


Curator of exhibitions for civic organizations; archivist of historic music collections, recordings, documents and artifacts


Profiled in national publications and trade journals; winner of local, national and international awards (including the San Francisco Mayor’s Certificate of Honor), recognized for achievements in research, performance and advancement

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