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David Reffkin’s professional work combines the art and science of music with numerous personal interests.  Through disciplined formal study and acquired skills he enhances his performing career with notable efforts in education, research, journalism, and management. His reputation is also founded on success as a consultant, public speaker, broadcaster, audio engineer, interviewer, contractor, event director, archivist, and visual artist. His professional and volunteer efforts extend over decades of service. Numerous leadership positions reflect a long record of responsibility and loyalty to employers and clients while maintaining a creative and highly organized business.

His explorations and depth of study are unusually comprehensive. For example, one of his two series of radio programs on music was broadcast each week without interruption for 30 years, an industry record. A third program pursued a personal curiosity: David began a series of broadcast interviews with some of the world’s renowned researchers in certain areas of physics.  This quickly developed into a unique program that was internationally recognized for its quality and depth. Even within these esoteric, technical subjects he was able to draw out musical considerations and connections from his guest scientists.

David invites offers of interesting and creative work in an educational, research, nonprofit, or commercial environment.  He succeeds because of absolute dedication to the completion of high-quality work on time, and by demonstration of the firm belief in commitment to an agreement. Within this Website are ideas, sounds, and images that represent a fraction of his activities and interests. Review his qualifications and imagine his resources at work for your event, organization, or speculative venture.


For biographical details, please see CV, Resume, and Profiles/Honors pages.

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